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I’m a marketing professional working on brand strategies and management now for 8 years at FMCG and luxury consumer goods.

In addition, I am fortunate enough to focus my interest in sports and running on a social entrepreneurship project called ‘Bu Kızlar Nereye Koşuyor?’, a non-profit sports organization with the purpose of encouraging women to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

I'm a yogini and jr. yoga teacher.

Besides I love traveling, camping, diving, nature, outdoors, flowers, picnics, parks, food markets, candles, fullmoon, fruits, pineapples, everything with chocolate and coconut, summer and beachlife.

I think life is a bliss and I write Orbay Daily to share joyful moments of my life.

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Cihangir’de The Others Agency’nin muhteşem bahçesinde çiçekler, böcekler ve kuşlar eşliğinde havuz başında yoga sonrasında piknik ile yazın açılışını yaptık.